Why You Should Start Washing Your Car On A Rainy Day

To many people’s beliefs, washing your car on a rainy day may seem redundant. After all, hasn’t the rain done your job already? However, You might be surprised to hear that the rain actually harms your vehicle’s exterior, and auto detailing in this situation is a reasonable thing to consider. Without further ado, let’s find out why you should wash your car when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Neutralizing The Harmful Effects

One notorious misconception people still believe in is that the rain is pure and clean. In reality, rain carries pollutants and contaminants from the atmosphere, including acids and industrial waste, which can heavily damage your car’s finish. Moreover, when it evaporates, the contaminants’ remnants can build up and eventually corrode the paint and metal.

A professional car detailing session can neutralize these effects. Using specialised cleaning agents that remove harmful residues can ensure the rainwater’s acidic components don’t get to etch into your vehicle’s exterior.

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Stopping Rust Before It Starts

Rust is one of the many natural foes of a car’s paint job. Just like how being wet and cold can make you sick, moisture can make your vehicle “sick” by causing rust, especially in areas that are already damaged from scratches or chips. Washing your car often, especially during the rainy season, helps keep it dry and clean, stopping rust from forming.

Solving Visibility Issue

What is the first thing you think of when it’s raining? Exactly, visibility blockage. When it rains, the water mixes with dirt and mud from the roads, making it extremely difficult to view the route. It’s not just the front window that gets dirty, but also the headlights and taillights, which play crucial parts in driving safety.

A thorough car detailing session includes cleaning these vital components, ensuring you have unobstructed visibility and that other drivers can see you clearly, thus enhancing trip safety.

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Keeping Your Car’s Worth

Just like taking care of anything you own, like a bike, phone, or even a pair of sneakers, regular cleaning can make your vehicle last for many years to come. By keeping your car aesthetically pleasing, the resale value can fetch quite a hefty price and even be appreciated if it meets specific criteria. No one will value a piece of equipment that’s been neglected and worn down.

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Taking Advantage Of A Less Crowded Period

Contrary to the hustling and bustling seasons like spring and summer, people tend to make a hard pass on auto detailing services during the rainy season. Rainy days are often slower at car wash and auto detailing establishments, so you might get faster service and more attention to detail from the staff. Some places even offer discounts and other added incentives this time of the year, so you should check it out.

why you should start washing your car on a rainy day

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